Click here for updated Pantry Schedules during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

*Please note: the calendar below may not reflect the current schedule. Please click the link above for current schedules.

Do you know someone without a local support system who is at home with illness, or in a high-risk category and abiding by the stay-at-home order, or who lacks transportation but is in need of groceries, infant care supplies, or food from a pantry?  The Delivery Helpline connects them with a volunteer who will deliver what they need.  The Delivery Helpline is answered from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.; however, a message may be left 24/7.
Groceries and supplies from a retail store must be ordered and paid-for in advance of a delivery.  Food and infant care supplies from county food pantries or Clarity can be delivered as well. Social distancing is observed when making the delivery.
Neighbors helping neighbors has been a high point of the COVID-19 crisis; however, there are people, many of them older adults, who are starting to need help, even if they’ve been hanging-in there up until now. Plus there are folks who have been the givers who now could use some assistance and may not know where to even start. Please help us promote the Delivery Helpline, especially to folks who are less likely to be connected to social media. We hope we are beginning to see the downward side of the virus, but that doesn’t mean everyone will be out and about immediately.
If you want to volunteer to make deliveries, please contact Buffy Powers at apowers@shelbyseniorservices.org. Buffy assesses how many volunteers are needed and conducts background checks for volunteers in order to keep everyone safe.


Click here to view video: Shelby County Chamber Non-Profit Champion – Shelby County Pantry Pals

 Shelby County Pantry Pals has been organized this year by a group of concerned local citizens in the county concerned about the severe shortage of food supplies that eight food pantries have been facing for the past several years. They have had several planning meetings and have adopted this mission statement: Shelby County Pantry Pal’s mission is“To engage Shelby County in providing area food pantries with the necessary annual resources to fulfill their food supply needs.” Your assistance is needed to offer your time, talents and resources by participating in one or more of the following areas:

  • Corporate and area business “Shelf Pal” sponsorships
  • Area High School Athletic club can collection
  • Nonprofit organization donations
  • City/County Social and Service club “Shelf Pal” sponsorships
  • City/County Church “Shelf Pal” sponsorships

Click here to view Community events on the Shelby County Chamber’s website.